Citrus Zinger Gift Set

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  • Citrus Zinger Gift Set
  • Citrus Zinger Gift Set
  • Citrus Zinger Gift Set
  • Citrus Zinger Gift Set

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A refreshing new way to subtly infuse natural ingredients into your beverages and cuisine. Enhance the flavor and health benefits of water by using the Citrus Zinger water bottles with fruit, veggies, and herbs to create refreshingly flavored drinks.

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    • a 28-oz dishwasher safe bottle
    • a citrus press for extracting the juice from lemons, limes or small oranges.
    • a cucumber spiralizer
    • a soft fruit slicer (strawberry, cherry, peach)
    • an integrated drinking straw (which is typically sold separately, but we include it because this addition makes the device more convenient and on-the-go)!
    • Iced tea became popular after Richard Blechynden, of the India Tea Commission, offered free samples to attendees of the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair
  • Choose your ingredients, press and twist, next place items into the bottom compartment and twist. Leave them in the bottom cup to create a stronger, more intense flavor. Stronger Zings taste best after marinating for a few hours, while subtler flavors are obtained in only a few minutes. And because the mesh barrier lets water in, but keeps the flavor pulp safely in place, there's no need to worry about seeds or rinds infiltrating your drink. Enjoy

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