Carrot Cupcake

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We've combined sweet carrot pieces, creamy coconut flakes, and a pinch of gingerbread spice to create a carrot cake for your cup. This caffeine-free infusion is delicious as a guilt-free dessert, but try pairing it with the classic dessert of the same name!

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  • 1-2 level tsp per 6 oz of water, 203-212°F, 10-12 min.

    • The tea finishes with an alluring aroma of cream cheese frosting, yet is sugar-free
    • Our caffeine-free infusion is both spicy and fruity with a creamy and sweet aftertaste
    • Carrots have been used in sweet cakes since the medieval period, during which time sweeteners were scarce and expensive.
    • The popularity of carrot cake was probably revived in Great Britain because of rationing during the Second World War
    • Granola
    • Greek yogurt
    • Pancakes, waffles, oatmeal or French toast with toasted coconut and pineapple bits
    • Vanilla or butter pecan ice cream
    • Carrot cake
    • Cream-based desserts
  • Pineapple cubes(pineapple sugar), apple pieces, carrot flakes, carrot shreds, almond pieces, walnuts, coconut chips, cinnamon rods, flavoring, whole cloves

  • Almond Amen

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