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Brown Yixing Tea Set with Tray

Turn tea time into a mindful ceremony with this beautiful bamboo and ceramic tea tray. A conversation piece that works for western-style tea or Gong Fu Cha (Chinese tea ceremony).  

Included with your tea tray is a sample of Mountain Stream tea from Taiwan.

Product Details: Dimensions: Length = 16", Width = 5.75, Height = 1.5" | Material: Black Ceramic, Bamboo | The tray catches spills and the bamboo top removes for easy cleaning.  Tea Pot Size: Pot: 4"dia. x 2-1/2"h Cup: 2-1/4"dia. x 1-1/4"h

Fun Facts: Gong Fu Cha is another name for the Chinese Tea Ceremony. The English translation of Gong Fu Cha is "making tea with skill." Gong Fu Cha is different from western-style tea making and is prepared in small teapots filled 1/3 full with tea. Since more tea is used, the steep time is brief and the same leaves are steeped multiple times. The process brings out more tea flavor, and as the steepings continue, the strength of the tea increases and then weakens.