Big Bang Collection

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Our Big Bang Collection will challenge even the most intelligent palates! It includes lighter-bodied teas and coffees that belie their subtlety with surprising explosions of flavor. Let our enclosed Tasting Guide act as a kind of Periodic Table of flavor possibilities.

The Collection of three teas and three coffees comes in either 1oz tea and 4oz coffee or 2 oz tea and 8 oz coffee (your choice). It arrives boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • Tea-oretical Physics: when steeped in hot water, these blue-green pebbles transform into unfurling oolong tea leaves - a mystery of the tea universe. Ginseng and licorice root provide a lingering and sweet aftertaste
    • Dungeons & Dragon Well: an adventurous and mythological blend of two Chinese green teas
    • Soft Kitty Chamomile: a blend of kitten-soft and soothing chamomile buds, with a calming and flavorful blend of herbs and sweet spices
    • Bazinga! this wake-up blend of dark and lightly roasted coffees surprises with hints of vanilla and cream
    • Dark Matter: the darkest roast in the universe - the black hole blend of coffee
    • Nerd-vana Blend: This complex blend of coffees from around the world confounds even the highest IQ
    • The word "geek" was first used in the early 20th century as a term for traveling carnival workers who were so unskilled at doing tricks or entertaining people that the only thing they could do to attract an audience was to bite the head off of a live animal. The word denoted an inept person who was unskilled
    • The word "nerd" was first printed in the 1950 Dr. Seuss book, "If I Ran the Zoo."  One of the creatures in the zoo -- an angry looking old man -- is called a nerd.  Later "nerd" was used to refer to an intelligent but socially awkward person
    • Today, the definitions of "nerd" and "geek" have changed and often refer to highly intelligent persons who are extremely knowledgeable about a subject or subjects
    • Tea-oretical Physics: Chinese oolong tea, ginseng & licorice root
    • Dungeons & Dragon Well: 100% China green teas
    • Soft Kitty Chamomile: Chamomile from Croatia, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and licorice root
    • Bazinga!: Costa Rican Arabica coffee, natural vanilla flavoring
    • Dark Matter: Costa Rican Arabica coffee, 100%
    • Nerd-vana Blend: Colombian, Ethiopian & Sumatran Arabica coffees


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