All-Nighter Coffee Collection 8oz

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There are times when only a strong coffee will do, and you want the flavor to be as bold as the jolt. The All-Nighter Collection features powerful, great-tasting coffee to fuel you when you need it most.

The Collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • Italian Dark Roast: this deeply roasted Costa Rican coffee grabs your attention with notes of rich espresso, dark toast, and cocoa — this is the rocket fuel of coffee.
    • Dallas Bold: as bold and multi-faceted as its name-sake city, Dallas Bold is the seared steak of coffee. The bean is roasted quickly to create a dark roasted exterior while retaining a medium roasted center. The result? Nuanced flavor, plenty of caffeine, and a totally unique brew.
    • Plaza Blend: Although this coffee is the lightest roast of the three, this Vienna roast coffee demands your attention with complex flavors, ranging from piquant fruit to roasted nut and dark chocolate. It's been one of the Cultured Cup's most popular coffee blends for twenty years.
    • "Pulling an all-nighter" is something anyone who has been through college is certainly familiar with. Skipping an evening of sleep to complete a paper or study for a final exam would be near impossible without a reliable (and delicious) source of caffeine. As such, this collection is our homage to all of those hard-working and procrastinating students out there. It's the perfect gift for the coffee-loving student in your life!
    • Caffeine tends to remain in the body for roughly five hours. To truly pull an all nighter, you would need to brew a second pot about halfway through the night!
  • Italian Dark RoastCosta Rica Arabica coffee beans

    Dallas BoldCosta Rica Tarrazu Arabica coffee beans

    Plaza BlendCosta Rica, Brazil and Guatemala Arabica coffee beans

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