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Shade-Grown Sencha

The Cultured Cup Artisan Green

If you love Gyokuro, this highly unusual shade-grown sencha has the same silky smoothness! Sweet and savory, a tea with the ultimate expression of umami. 

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Artisan Green | fresh greens, edamame, sweet snap peas, subtle tropical fruit note, lingering, brothy mouthfeel

Tea Tips: Shade-growing tea increases its sweetness and L-theanine, a powerful antioxidant that helps promote calm and focus.

Ingredients: Japan, Kyushu Yabukita green tea and leaf stems

How to Steep: 1.5–2 tsp, 8 oz water, 155-160°F, 1–1.5 min (steep multiple times)

Fun Fact: The Yabukita tea plant cultivar is the source of sencha green tea. The English translation for sencha is "steeped tea."