New Guinea

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The volcanic soil throughout the coffee estates of New Guinea's central highlands produces a full-bodied coffee with a distinctive blackberry note. As with all Indonesian coffees, our New Guinea is also low in acidity, so it's gentler on your stomach.

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    • While not as well-known as other Indonesian coffees such as Java and Sumatra, New Guinea is winning coffee lovers' hearts with its distinctive blackberry notes and robustness
    • To fully enjoy the complexity within this coffee, drink without milk or sugar
    • Coffee has only been grown in Papua New Guinea for about one hundred years, despite being brought to Indonesia as early as 1700
    • A departure from Sumatran coffee, the coffee plants introduced to New Guinea are likely from the same cultivars used in world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees
    • Black coffee with no additives contains 0 calories
    • Bagels, lox and cream cheese
    • Bacon or sausage and eggs
    • Spicy appetizers
    • Spicy Indian or Thai cuisine
    • Spicy barbecued meats
    • Any chocolate or cream dessert with cinnamon or cardamom
    • Rice pudding
  • Papua New Guinea coffee beans: 100%

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