Golden Sumatra

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Our Golden Sumatra exemplifies how terroir (the climate, soil, and elevation) affects the flavor of coffee. In this case, it is Sumatra's volcanic soil which creates a rich, heavy-bodied coffee, with very low acidity.

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    • This super-grade, sun-dried coffee sets itself apart from other Sumatran coffees with its note of butterscotch
    • Golden Sumatra is lightly roasted (city roast), which accentuates the natural flavor notes within the coffee
    • If coffee tends to upset your stomach, try this one—its lower acidity may make it far more palatable
    • Indonesia produces an enormous amount of coffee every year, ranking 4th in the world behind Brazil, Vietnam, and Columbia
    • Sumatra is the largest Indonesian island, just south of the Malay Peninsula, and is Indonesia's largest producer of coffee
    • Holland (and the Dutch East India Company) are responsible for first sharing Indonesian coffee with the Western world, as early as the 17th century. Their first plantations were on the island of Java, which is still colloquially used as a term for coffee today
    • Bacon or sausage and eggs
    • Spicy appetizers
    • Spicy Indian or Thai cuisine
    • Spicy barbecued meats
    • Any chocolate or cream dessert with cinnamon or cardamom
    • Rice pudding
  • Sumatra coffee beans: 100%

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