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Dan Cong Stone Fruit (previously Dan Cong Dynasty)

The Cultured Cup Artisan Oolong

Dan Cong oolong teas are among the world's most prized teas. This dark oolong has notes of stone fruit with a lingering aftertaste.   

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Artisan Oolong grilled peach, orchid, juicy aftertaste

Tea Tips: To appreciate the tea's complexity, drink without milk or sugar. Sniff, sip, savor, and share with special friends.

Ingredients: 100% China, Guangdong Province oolong

How to Steep: Western-style: 1.5–2.0 tsp, 6–8 oz water, 205°F, 2–3 min. Eastern-style: 7 gm or 4.5 heaping tsp, 6 oz water, 205°F, 25 sec; add 10 sec for each additional steeping.

Fun Fact: This tea comes from a foggy and mountainous region of Guangdong Province. The tea plants are allowed to grow into 10-12 ft tall trees. 

Similar Teas: Cream Oolong, Scarlet Robe Oolong, Mountain Stream Oolong