Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao)

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A dark oolong from the birthplace of oolong tea, the Wuyi Mountains of China's Fujian Province. Upfront notes of molasses and apricot with a lingering and mouthwatering finish. 

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  • 1–2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 195°F, 4–5 min.

    When using a yixing teapot or a gaiwan, use twice as much tea and steep the same tea leaves 1–2 minutes multiple times until the flavor fades.

    • While Big Red Robe teas originally came from single sources, nowadays Big Red Robe and its variants are more commonly made from blends of teas from different plantations.
    • The tea's dark brown liquor is malty with notes of dried fig, raisin, finishing with a long lasting flavor of mouth-watering minerality.
    • Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) gets its namesake from the story of a Buddhist monk who, while traveling to take an important exam, stopped to make tea from tea bushes growing near the mountain path. Revived, he received the highest test score and was given a red silk robe, which he used to cover the same tea bush in appreciation of his accomplishment.
    • The poor quality of the soil causes the tea bush to develop long tap roots, which extract vitamins and minerals from deep within the earth.
    • Granola, toasted bagels
    • Oatmeal with raisins and dusted with cinnamon
    • Sautéed mushrooms
    • Fresh, dried, baked or grilled apricots or peaches
    • Stir-fried vegetables with chicken or pork
    • Any chocolate dessert
  • China, Fujian Province oolong tea: 100%

  • Oriental Beauty (Dong Feng Mei Ren), Dan Cong Feng Huang, Nepali Champagne Oolong, China Oolong

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