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Mind-Body Collection, 2 oz

By The Cultured Cup
Mind-Body Collection - The Cultured Cup®

This collection's teas and tisanes have subtle and soft flavors to help calm and focus your senses.

The collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 


White Peony: A subtle tea with a natural note of wild rice. Ingredients: China white tea: 100%

White Riesling: Flavored with dried grapes, this tea has subtle notes of ripe berries. Ingredients: China white tea, rosehip peel, freeze-dried black currants, flavoring, cornflower blossoms, mallow blossoms

Goji-Berry Green: This delicious and focusing green tea is blended with red goji-berries and has balanced flavor notes of orchid and blueberry. Ingredients: China green tea, goji berries, lemongrass, pomegranate arils, flavoring, cornflowers

Blooming Blossom: Made from handcrafted green tea. Each bud gracefully blooms in hot water, opening into a colorful bouquet of flowers and tea. Ingredients: China green tea, amaranth, chrysanthemum, and magnolia flowers

Spearmint Spa: Calm and cool your mind-and-body connection with this refreshing mint infusion! Ingredients: Egyptian organic spearmint

Kukicha: One of our all-time favorite Japanese green teas, this tea is composed of green tea leaves and caffeine-free tea leaf stems. A focusing tea. Ingredients: Japanese green tea 

Chamomile Cool Mint: Experience a balance of calm and focus with this soothing blend of caffeine-free tisanes. Ingredients: Egyptian organic spearmint, organic chamomile 

Brewed Calm: A medley of chamomile, spearmint, and juicy orange rooibos. Rooibos's low tannin helps settle an upset stomach. Ingredients: Egyptian organic spearmint, organic chamomile, South Africa rooibos, flavoring 

Fun Fact: The mind-body connection to tea most likely started with Chinese Buddhist monks, who drank tea to prepare for long periods of meditation and reflection. 

Mind-Body Collection - The Cultured Cup®