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Mariage Frères Tea Collection No. 1, 2 oz


Collection № 1 contains five of the "best of the best" Mariage organic teas, packaged in a gift box. A great introduction to the magic of Mariage Frères. À votre santé! 

The collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. Substitutions may be made due to product availability.


Marco Polo: Mariage Frères’ mysterious and most iconic tea takes you to distant lands and exotic flavor adventures. Ingredients: China organic black tea, organic flavorings  

Noël: Another of Mariage Frères’ most renowned flavors. This celebratory tea is specially blended with festive spices and fruits. Ingredients: Chinese organic black tea, organic: cinnamon, orange peel, dried apple, vanilla bean pieces, natural flavoring

Earl Grey French Blue: A Sri Lankan black tea delicately flavored with the finest bergamot flavoring and a fragrant sprinkling of blue cornflower petals. Ingredients: China organic black tea, organic flavoring

Bourbon (Vanilla) Rooibos: Our most popular rooibos is creamy and caffeine-free. Ingredients: South Africa organic red rooibos tisane, organic flavoring

Sakura Impérial: A green tea with the essence of fragrant cherry blossoms (sakura). Ingredients: Japan organic green tea, organic flavoring

FUN FACT: À votre santé! means "to your health!"