Just Desserts Tea Collection 2oz

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Six indulgent teas make up our Just Desserts Collection, each developed to pair perfectly with desserts. These teas are so packed with flavor, they will hold up to any decadently sweet treat. 

The Collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • Dark Chocolate Pu'er: a sumptuous dark chocolate tea that will satisfy the ultimate chocoholic!
    • Ebony Rose: this heart-shaped tea transforms into a dark, velvety smooth tea with just a hint of delicate rose.
    • Orange Truffle: this decadent blend of black and dark tea unites flavors of orange and dark chocolate.
    • Wild Strawberry: go to the “wild side” with this green tea flavored with juicy strawberries!
    • Shades of Earl Grey: we’ve blended a delicately flavored, creamy Earl Grey for those who think they don’t like Earl Grey.
    • Almond Amen: this black tea is chock full of toasted almonds and cinnamon-dusted baked apple bits — yum!
    • The first sweets were likely fruit or nuts rolled in honey.
    • Sweets did not become popular until the Middle Ages when sugar was first manufactured, but because sugar was so expensive, this culinary luxury was only available to the very rich.
    • According to Michael Krondl, author of the book Sweet Invention: A History of Dessert, the word “dessert” comes from the French verb “desservir,” or un-serve, which means to remove what has been served — meaning dessert was served once the table had been cleared of the main course.
    • The word “dessert” was not commonly used until the early 20th century.
    • Dark Chocolate Pu'er: China dark tea, dark chocolate bits (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), natural and artificial flavor. CONTAINS: soy, milk
    • Ebony Rose: China dark tea, rose petals
    • Orange Truffle: China dark tea, dark chocolate bits (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), natural and artificial flavor, Sri Lankan black tea, dark chocolate pieces, safflower petals, orange flavoring. CONTAINS: soy, milk
    • Wild Strawberry: China green tea (93%), flavoring, orange peel, cat's foot (mountain everlasting), freeze-dried strawberry pieces
    • Shades of Earl Grey: Sri Lanka black tea, natural oil of bergamot flavoring
    • Apple Almond Amen: China black tea, apple pieces, planed and crushed almonds, cinnamon pieces, beetroot pieces, flavoring CONTAINS: tree nuts.

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