Africa Wildlife/Elephant Tea Tin 4.4 oz

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Wildlife in Africa is the theme for these two beautiful tea tins. Choose from a tan, gold, and brown tin of Africans and animals on the savannah, or a burnished red and black tin with gold-adorned elephants. Each screw-top tin holds 4.4 oz (125g) of most teas. Pair these tins with any of our caffeine-free South African Rooibos infusions, or our newest tea from Africa: Black Leopard black tea by Mariage Frères.

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  • Fun Facts
    • This canister holds 4.4 oz of most loose leaf teas. For Silver Needle or White Peony, which are both white teas, this tin would hold 2–3 oz of these teas. This tin would hold 8 oz of oolongs such as Cream Oolong, Taiwan Wuyi Oolong, or Mountain Stream Oolong. If you have questions about whether a specific tea will fit in this tin, please give any of our expert staff a call: 1-888-VIP-TEAS (847-8327).
    • Dimensions: approx. 4.5" high x 3" in diameter.
    • When tea first came to Europe from China, the first tea container was made of blue and white porcelain in the shape of a ginger jar.
    • It wasn’t until the price of tea became affordable to the middle class in the mid-19th Century (and the Industrial Revolution began mass-producing storage tins) that tea came to be sold and stored in tins.

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