Fair Cup (tea pitcher) in Pebbled Glass, 8oz

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After steeping your tea in a similar-sized teapot, pour the tea into this beautiful pebbled-glass Fair Cup (tea pitcher). This separates the tea from the leaves to prevent bitterness, and you see the beauty of your brew.  This process allows your tea to slightly cool, which improves the flavor and is similar to allowing wine to breath.

Included with your Fair Cup is a sample of Kukicha green tea from Japan.

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  • Fun Facts
    • The thick glass prevents your hands from getting burned.  
    • Hand-wash these hand-blown glasses.
    • Fair Cups are also known in China as Cha Zhong and Cha Hai.
    • Kukicha, a Japanese green tea that means "stem tea" has half the caffeine compared with other green teas because it consists of equal amounts of sencha green tea leaves, and yellowish tea leaf stems, which contain no caffeine.  Japanese doctors recommend this tea to their pregnant patients.

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