Rice Grain Tea Cups, Set of 4

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  • Rice Grain Tea Cups, Set of 4
  • Rice Grain Tea Cups, Set of 4
  • Rice Grain Tea Cups, Set of 4
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These fine white porcelain Rice Grain Teacups are works of art, come in a set of four, and complement the Rice Grain Gaiwan. Now you're ready for a mindful tea ritual! 

Includes one sample of an artisan Chinese tea that can be steeped multiple times.  
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      • For many years it was mistakenly thought that "Rice Grain" porcelain was made by inserting rice grains into the clay before glazing and firing. Instead, the rice shapes are made by artisans carefully cutting out pieces from the porcelain and when glazed, the glaze creates the characteristic translucency. 
    • The gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony (Chinese: 工夫茶 or 功夫茶), is a method of making Chinese tea involving the ritualized preparation and presentation of tea.  The term literally means "making tea with skill."

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