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Café Momentum Communi-Tea (formerly Quarantea)

The Cultured Cup Oolong+

When you buy Cafe Momentum Communi-Tea, a floral oolong, we donate 100% of the sale to this life-changing nonprofit organization. Their mission? To teach at-risk youth culinary and life skills. 

Chad Houser, the award-winning chef and CEO of Café Momentum, was nominated as a CNN Hero in 2018. The Cultured Cup has donated thousands of dollars to support the mission of this life-changing restaurant and culinary school!

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Oolong+ | gentle spice, floral, smooth, velvety 

Tea Tips: Best without milk. Share this tea with friends and spread the word about Café Momentum's mission. 

Ingredients: Taiwan oolong tea, rose petals, cinnamon, orange peel, natural flavors

How to Steep: 2 tsp, 8 oz water, 195°–212°F, 4–5 min

Fun Fact: Since 2015, Café Momentum has worked with more than 750 young men and women through their 12-month internship program. The team has seen firsthand that with the right support and care, these at-risk youths can achieve their full potential.

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