Woodgrain Mug, Pebbled Mug, or Woven Mug: each with an Infuser

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Each of these three white and textured mugs comes with an infuser and a lid, so you're ready to make a great cup of tea and keep it warm.  Choose from:  Woodgrain 18-oz Mug, Pebbled 15-oz Mug, and Woven 15-oz Mug. 

Includes a sample of our Morning Moment black tea, one of our most popular breakfast teas.
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    • Tea isn't just about the beverage, it's also about the ritual.  These three white textured mugs are soothing to hold. 
      • The Woodgrain  Mug comes with a matching woodgrain lid.
      • The Pebbled Mug comes with a blue silicone lid.
      • The Woven Mug comes with a green silicone lid. 
  • The purpose of a tea infuser is to separate the tea leaves from the liquid tea.  It's thought that the British were the first to widely use the infuser as their teas were made up of very small tea leaves, which easily slipped through the teapot's spout and into the cup. 

  • Morning Moment Black Tea: 100% China black tea. 

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