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A new flavored tea from The Great Mississippi Tea Company, this blend of Black Magnolia and Delta Oolong has distinctive flavors from the South: peach pieces and a whisper of cold-smoked pecan wood! Delicious hot or iced, Grilled Peach tea pairs perfectly with pulled pork, barbecue brisket, and a shrimp or crawfish boil.

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  • To make tea hot: 1 tsp per 8 oz of water, 200°F, 5 min. To make tea iced: 2 tsp per 8oz of water, 200°F, 5-6 min. 
    • Jason McDonald and Timothy Gipson, pioneers in artisanal U.S. farm-to-table teas, have invested considerable time and effort in producing Black Magnolia black tea and Mississippi Queen green tea, two of the first great American teas!
    • The world's foremost tea propagation experts and involved plant experts from Mississippi State University assisted them in securing and planting dozens of different tea cultivar plants from around the world to determine which plants would grow and produce flavorful teas in the terroir of central Mississippi.  
    • Jason McDonald is a descendent of Daniel Boone and is a "Kentucky Colonel". Jason and Timothy own land in Hawaii and are growing tea there as well.
    • Any fresh fish from the Gulf
    • Simply prepared chicken
    • Mississippi Sweet Potato Pie
    • Delicious with mild triple creme cheese
    • Bread pudding, Cafe du Monde-style beignets, and any cream-based dessert
  • Black Magnolia tea and Delta Oolong tea, Dried peach, Peach extract, Cold Smoked with Pecan Wood. 

  •   Dan Cong Honey Orchid   Mississippi Queen, Autumnal Harvest

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