Earl Grey Paris Organic Tin by Mariage Frères, 100 grams

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Paris is the newest addition to our selection of Earl Grey teas from Mariage Frères, the renowned Parisian tea purveyor. This Jardin Premier+ black tea is organic and has a perfect balance of citrus and floral flavors. One sip and you're in "The City of Lights"  

Jardin Premier+ means this tea is rigorously analyzed and checked to ensure compliance with European regulation (EC) No. 396/2005. The label Jardin Premier+ is reserved for teas whose exceptional purity meets the strict European regulation (ED) No. 834/2007.  100 grams equals 3.5 oz of tea. 
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  • Ingredients
    • 1 tsp per 8 oz of water, 212°F, 3-5 min
    • A quality black tea flavored with the finest oil of bergamot, Paris Earl Grey is full-bodied and, unlike lesser Earl Grey teas, a balanced blend of malty and smooth notes of an organic Indian black tea and floral and citrus notes from oil of bergamot.
    • Delicious with or without milk & sugar, it's a marvelous tea to serve when having afternoon tea.
    • Mariage Frères has the largest collection of Earl Grey teas, which range from delicately to highly perfumed.
    • Chocolate croissant or pastry
    • Pancakes or waffles with dark chocolate chips
    • Any afternoon tea fare, from sweet and savory tea sandwiches to scones with clotted cream
    • Any dark or milk chocolate dessert
    • Any vanilla cream dessert
  • India organic black tea, oil of bergamot.

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