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Artisan Tea Collection No. 3

The Cultured Cup

A collection for the tea drinker seeking new flavor adventures and a passport to taste and learn about some of the world's best teas. 

Your choice of 0.5, 1, or 2 oz of all 6 teas. Because of their rarity, the teas may change, but we will always send the best teas available. The collection is boxed, labeled, tied with a ribbon, and includes a tasting spoon. 


Cream Oolong: Don't miss this aha-moment oolong. Experience for yourself why this is a customer favorite! Ingredients: Taiwan oolong tea

Dan Cong Stone Fruit: Dan Cong oolongs are among the world's most prized teas. This dark oolong has notes of stone fruit with a lingering aftertaste. Ingredients: China, Guangdong oolong tea

Dan Cong Toasted Almond: An all-time favorite oolong, this tea has a distinctive notes of almond and orchid. Ingredients: China, Guangdong Province oolong tea

Lao Mountain Black: A decadent black tea delicious hot or cold brewed. This tea notes of cocoa and molasses. Ingredients: China, Shandong black tea

Keemun Reserve: This tea has large loosely twisted leaves. Notes of cocoa, buttered toast, and dark molasses! Ingredients: China, Anhui black tea

Arka Masala Chai: Timothy Chacko blended our favorite Masala Chai with fresh indian spices. Ingredients: India Organic black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, fennel, saffron