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Artisan Tea Collection No. 2

The Cultured Cup

A collection for the tea drinker seeking new flavor adventures and a passport to taste and learn about some of the world's best teas. 

Your choice of 0.5, 1, or 2 oz of all 6 teas. Because of their rarity, the teas may change, but we will always send the best teas available. The collection is boxed, labeled, tied with a ribbon, and includes a tasting spoon.


White Jasmine Imperial: This tea is rare, delicate, and exquisitely balanced with a subtle and sweet scent. Our tasting panel's favorite jasmine tea! Ingredients: China, Fujian white tea

White Peony Special Grade: This tea has green leaves with abundant silvery buds. Upfront notes of fresh greens, roasted chestnut, and a floral aftertaste. Ingredients: China, Fujian white tea

Shade-Grown Sencha: If you love Gyokuro, this shade-grown sencha has the same silky smoothness! A tea with the ultimate expression of umami. Ingredients: Japan, Kyushu green tea

Iron Goddess Oolong (Floral): Lightly oxidized, this new-style Iron Goddess has upfront floral notes and a mouthwatering finish. Ingredients: China, Fujian oolong

Iron Goddess Oolong (Toasted): Named after a goddess, this tea is hand-rolled and roasted. The flavor has notes of wild rice, cocoa, and a velvety mouthfeel. Ingredients: China, Fujian oolong

Nepal Golden Tips: This hand-picked tea contains only gold tips. High elevation and careful processing produce a complex tea to sip and savor like a fine wine. Ingredients: Nepal, Ilam black tea