Matcha Bamboo Whisk Drying Stand

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Protect your whisk's delicate bamboo tines with a bit of ceramic ingenuity. This aesthetically pleasing whisk stand is a must for fans of Matcha!

  • Product Details
  • Fun Facts
    • This sky blue matcha whisk stand is used to dry and maintain the shape of the wet whisk after cleaning it with boiling water
    • By placing the whisk on the stand, the whisk dries conforming to the shape of the stand
    • The hole in the center of the stand allows the inner tines of the whisk to properly dry
    • This stand will increase the lifespan of your bamboo whisk.
    • 3" high
  • Although the Japanese have been whisking their powdered matcha tea for hundreds of years, it was the Chinese who first invented this drying and preservation technique during the Song Dynasty

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