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Chefs D'Oeuvre (Masterpieces) Gift Box

Mariage Frères Teas+ Organic

This gift box of three teas is a great gift for the gourmet! Including green, black, and oolong teas, this box has a tea for every time of day, or for each course of a gourmet feast.


Esprit de Noël: A festive black tea with dried apple, orange, cinnamon, and vanilla. Comforting after dinner with dessert.

Flower Moon: A sensual oolong tea scented with pearly almond and blended with delicate spices. Drink this tea as a digestive before or after a meal. Contains: almonds 

Vert Provence: Mellow Chinese green tea with rose and lavender. Soothing as a midday tea. 

Roi des Earl Grey by MariageEarl Grey Impérial by MariageThé de Fêtes by Mariage, Russian Breakfast by Mariage