Matin Parisien Tin, Organic Black & Green Tea by Mariage Frères

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A magical blend of a black tea with golden buds and green tea flavored with zesty mandarin orange from  Jardin Premier+ tea gardens.  "Paris Morning" conveys the charm and poetry of a morning in Paris!  

The tea is vacuum-sealed in the signature and reusable black Mariage 100 gram (3.5 oz.) tin.  
Jardin Premier+ means this tea is rigorously analyzed and checked to ensure compliance with European regulation (EC) No. 396/2005.  The label Jardin Premier is reserved for teas whose exceptional purity meets the strict European regulation (ED) No. 834/2007.
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  • 2.5 grams per 8 oz of water, 200°F, 5 min

    • The golden buds in Matin Parisienne (Parisian Morning) make this tea a smooth delight, and the citrus adds zesty notes of orange peel and marmalade. This tea is a Parisian wake-up call! 
    • To fully savor the complexity of flavors, we recommend drinking this tea without milk.
    • Drink in the morning, afternoon or as a flavorful dessert tea.
    • Who said the British have a patent on teas for breakfast?  Matin Parisienne is a departure from the traditional and powerful English Breakfast tea blend that requires being tamed by milk and sugar. This tea is delicious without adding anything!
    • Croissant
    • Brioche
    • Fruit Patisserie 
    • Savory or sweet tea sandwiches
    • Any vanilla-cream patisserie or dessert
  • Chinese organic black tea, Chinese organic green tea, Natural flavorings.

  • Réveiller, Morning MomentFrench Breakfast by Mariage Frères

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