Tea Strainer, Leaf Design in Pewter, Black Metal Stand -NEW!

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  • Tea Strainer, Leaf Design in Pewter, Black Metal Stand -NEW!
  • Tea Strainer, Leaf Design in Pewter, Black Metal Stand -NEW!
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This tea strainer is one of the most beautiful and unusual that we've found. The leaf-shaped silvery pewter strainer sits on a textured black metal tree trunk with a contrasting silver and gold snail. This exquisite tea strainer is a conversation piece. 

Includes a sample of our incredibly delicious Silver Summit green tea. 
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    • This pewter leaf tea strainer is hammered and the leaf's stem becomes a convenient handle.  The silver snail with a bright gold circular shell provides contrast against the tree trunk's black textured surface. 
    • Tiny holes in the strainer prevent the smallest tea leaves from entering your teacup.
    • The textured and irregular black trunk is a convenient stand to display the silvery leaf infuser.  
    • The leaf tea strainer is 3.5" wide x 5.5" long and the black tree trunk stand is 2.0" wide and 2.75" tall. 
    • Hand-wash only with a soft cloth and dry completely.
    • There is a big difference between a tea strainer and a tea infuser. Unlike a tea infuser, a tea strainer does not steep your tea, but, when placed on a cup, prevents tea leaves from entering your cup. 
    • A tea infuser goes into the cup, steeps the tea, and when removed, separates the tea leaves from your tea!  
    • The first tea strainer was made in China from bamboo.  After the Dutch first brought tea to Europe in the mid-17th Century, tea was considered a beverage luxury and tea strainers made out of silver became popular with wealthy Europeans!

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