Hand-Made Red & Black Stoneware Serving Bowl -NEW!

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This one-of-a-kind red and black stoneware serving bowl is by artist Ginny Marsh. Inspired by the artistic aesthetic of wabi-sabi, finding beauty in imperfection, Ginny's inspiration for this bowl is two different types of lava: jet-black obsidian for the highly polished interior, and volcanic, spongy, and iron-enriched pumice lava for the serving bowl's exterior. An art piece for display, or for serving a colorful salad!

Read more about Ginny Marsh in the D Magazine article: "Imperfect" Bowls are the Perfect Vessels for Matcha"  

To learn more about the concept of Wabi-sabi, go to the TEDxSMU talk by Kyle Stewart, Co-Owner of The Cultured Cup.

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  • Fun Facts
    • Made by artist Ginny Marsh, this Japanese-style wabi-sabi serving bowl is 12.00" in diameter and 3.25" high.  
    • In Japan, wabi-sabi stoneware reflects materials in the natural world and how they change from season to season and over time. 
    • The diversity of colors, textures, and patterns in this basket creates an endless variety of visual and tactile adventures.
    • In Japan, wabi-sabi stoneware that is not used is said to have "died".
    • As this perfect-imperfect stoneware is used, it will change by developing patina — similar to what happens to wood or copper in nature.
    • In Japan, wabi-sabi stoneware is passed from generation to generation.

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