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Kathy's Blend

The Cultured Cup Light+ Roast
Kathy's Blend - The Cultured Cup®

This blend is in memory of Kathy Wilkos, a dietitian who loved flavored coffees. Her namesake coffee is a blend of her favorite flavors: creamy vanilla, toasted hazelnuts, and spicy cinnamon. 

Comes in 8 or 16 oz. Please specify whole bean or preferred grind. Brewing directions are on each bag.

Roast | Body | Flavors: light roast+ medium-body spicy, creamy, nutty

Coffee Tips: A dessert coffee, delicious with cream or a creamy liqueur! 

Fun Fact: Nearly 40% of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black, while more than 60% prefer to add some sweetener or dairy.

Ingredients: Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans, cinnamon powder, cinnamon pieces, flavorings

Similar Coffees: Private Label, Mountain Odyssey, Viennese Cinnamon

Kathy's Blend - The Cultured Cup®