Gaiwan Set in White

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  • Gaiwan Set in White
  • Gaiwan Set in White
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With this gaiwan and matching 4 cups, you're ready to introduce a more flavorful and mindful method of making tea for your family and friends.

Included with your gaiwan is a sample of Amber Goddess Oolong tea.

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    • Although this teapot holds only 4-oz and each cup is 1-oz, this tea set is perfect for making tea using the following method, which boosts the flavor of any tea. Although more tea is used, the same tea leaves are steeped multiple times. Oolong teas are perfect for using this method.
    • Flavor-Boost Method:
      • Put 3 tsp. of your favorite oolong into the infuser.
      • Pour 195-200 F water over the tea leaves and immediately pour off the water. 
      • Steep #1:  Using the same temp water, steep tea for 30 sec. and immediately pour all the tea into the 4 cups. 
      • Steep #2:  Steep the same tea leaves a 2nd time for 45 sec. and serve.
      • Steep #3:  Steep tea leaves a 3rd time for 1 min. and serve.
      • Steep #4:  Steep tea leaves a 4th time for 1.5 min.
      • Steep #5+:  For each successive steep, continue increasing the time 30 seconds until the flavor fades.
    • We call this flavor-boost method the "espresso of tea", and each steeping creates a unique flavor experience! Customers are amazed when they compare the taste of tea made in the traditional Western method (1 tsp. of tea per 6-8 oz. of water) with tea made in this flavor-boosting method! 
    • The gaiwan, infuser, and cups are dishwasher safe.
    • The gaiwan, or "small teapot", is part of the traditional Chinese gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony (Chinese: 工夫茶 or 功夫茶), which is a method of making Chinese tea involving the ritualized preparation and presentation of tea. The term literally means "making tea with skill".

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