Morning, Noon & Night Coffee Collection

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Want great-tasting coffee to wake you up in the morning, recharge you during the day, and comfort you at night? This Collection contains a continuum of coffees to meet those very needs. We start with a big, bold morning blend, switch to flavorful, lighter roasts for the afternoon, then dial it back with a full-bodied & flavorful decaf for the evening.

The Morning, Noon & Night Coffee Collection is available in 8 or 16 oz amounts of all three coffees - your choice!
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    • Plaza Blend wakes you up with a bold, dark flavor, and no bitterness
    • The Cultured Cup Blend is perfect for afternoons when you need a boost
    • Decaffeinated Cultured Cup Blend continues your flavor adventure into the night, giving you a coffee with substantial flavor and body, but almost no caffeine
    • Much of the world relies on caffeine to wake up, reduce fatigue, and improve concentration
    • According to research by the Mayo Clinic, 400 mg of caffeine a day is safe for most healthy adults (equivalent to approximately five cups of brewed coffee)
    • Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others. Additional factors may include body mass, age, medication use, and anxiety disorders
    • Plaza Blend: Costa Rica, Brazil, and Guatemala Arabica coffee beans
    • The Cultured Cup Blend: Colombia Arabica, Costa Rica Arabica, and Sumatra Arabica coffee beans
    • Decaffeinated Cultured Cup Blend: Decaffeinated Colombia, Costa Rica, and Sumatra coffee beans

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