Apron, 1,000 (mille) Creole Colors

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A patchwork of bright colors and different designs decorate this beautiful French-made apron. The double-coated cotton protects your clothing from kitchen stains. Now, you can host a dinner party or afternoon tea in style and stay stain-free! 

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    • Each apron is 22" x 33" (72cm x 85cm), 100% damask cotton, and coated on the inside and outside for double the protection from stains.
    • CARE:  Wipe with a non-abrasive sponge with hot water. Do not rub hard or scratch. In case of deep stains, clean immediately with hot water. Do not use detergent or fabric softener. Sparingly use a washing machine if needed ( 30°C / 86°F ), but do not spin dry.  Air dry only.  On the reverse side of the apron, iron using a high setting, which will re-activate the anti-stain coating. 
    • The word apron comes from the medieval French word naperon, which is a small cloth placed over a larger tablecloth to protect it. By the 14th Century, the word naperon is first used in English and means "a protective cloth placed over clothing."  The word "apron" first appeared in the 17th Century when the word "naperon" began to be pronounced "an apron." 

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