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How to Choose a Tea or Tisane?

How to Choose a Tea or Tisane?

Are you new to teas or tisanes and want to start your taste adventure? What's the difference? Teas only come from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Tisanes, a French word, are sourced from plants other than Camellia Sinensis

Let's Talk Tea. Tea has 6 types: White, Green, Yellow, Oolong, Black, & Dark (Pu'er). The adventure is to experience each type, which has its own innate range of flavors.

Let's Talk Tisane. Tisanes include herbs, spices, flowers, and dried fruits. 

Let's Talk flavor. Flavors are innate in Teas & Tisanes and can be added. Added flavors are oils, spices, herbs, flowers, and fruits. When a flavor is added, a plus sign (+) appears after the name: Tea+ or Tisane+. If there are no added flavorings, it's Tea or Tisane. To help you find the teas or tisanes that you will most enjoy, we've listed the prominent flavors in each: Fresh Greens, Grilled Veg, Dried Hay, Floral, Creamy, Fruity, Spicy, Sweet, Creamy, Fruity, Spicy, Sweet, Toasted, Woodsy, Minerality, Earthy.

Tea Tips. Things to consider when buying teas or tisanes: 

  • Caffeine or No-Caffeine? Will it help you wake up, relax, focus, cool off, or sleep?
  • Serving tips? With or without milk, hot, iced, or cold-brewed?
  • Tips for food pairing, cooking with tea, using tea in cocktails or mocktails? 
  • Guidance for Western or Eastern preparation?
  • Time of day: Morning, Noon, or Night?  

Are you Ready for a New Taste Adventure? The Artisan Tea Collection is a group of benchmark teas selected by our Tasting Panel. Like fine wines, these teas may change from year to year based on the terroir and on our Tasting Panel's latest flavor finds! If you have any questions, our expert team is here to guide your adventures with the world of teas and tisanes: 888.VIP.TEAS (847.8327).

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25th Anniversary Blend

The Cultured Cup White-Black+

From  $ 18.30

5 Origins Blend

The Cultured Cup 5 Tea Types

From  $ 17.15

Abricot D'Or

Mariage Frères Black+ Organic

From  $ 19.55

Abricot Noir

The Cultured Cup Black+

From  $ 13.45

Afternoon Tea Rose (formerly Ebony Rose)

The Cultured Cup Dark+

From  $ 14.65

Amandier (almond) Blanc

Mariage Frères Black+ Organic

From  $ 19.55

Amber Goddess

The Cultured Cup Oolong

From  $ 8.65

Ancient Tree Tea

The Cultured Cup Artisan Black

From  $ 14.25

Apple Almond (formerly Almond Amen)

The Cultured Cup Black+

From  $ 13.45

Arka Masala Chai

The Cultured Cup Artisan Black+

From  $ 15.85

Assam Margherita Estate

The Cultured Cup Black

From  $ 13.45


Mariage Frères Black+ Organic

From  $ 20.75

Ayurvedic Calm

The Cultured Cup Tisane+

From  $ 11.05