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Hibiscus Punch

Hibiscus Punch

This recipe was curated for the Cultured Cup by Kyra Effren

Hibiscus creates bright red hued beverages that are summer thirst quenchers in many cultures: Mexico has agua de Jamaica, Senegal has Bissap, Jamaica has sorrel, Egypt has Kardadeh, just to name a few. We were inspired by these to create a delicious drink that punches up the flavor but cools down the body with this fun spiced Hibiscus Punch by resident culinary extraordinaire, Kyra Effren! 



    1. Boil water and steep your preferred tea for 5 minutes and strain. 
    2.  Add the Hibiscus leaves, ginger, and syrup and stir until incorporated. 
    3. Steep for 1 hour. 
    4. Strain mixture and chill. 
    5. Serve over ice with lime or lemon wedges.

    Note: This is a  strong blend, it can be diluted with water to your preference. 


    *You can substitute the candied ginger in syrup with crystallized candy ginger that has been finely chopped.



    WOW! This is surprisingly refreshing! Definitely a must try!

    Edie Fife

    For the Hibiscus Punch, what quantity of the loose tea of choice should be used? Recipe says “4 -5” . Is that 4 – 5 teaspoons of loose leaf tea of choice?

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