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  • Marco Polo Sachet Teabags Mariage Frères
    Origin: China & India, 30 black flavored teabags, 1 teabag/6-8oz water, 212°F, 3-5 min, Medium to Full-Body Flavor Notes: wild strawberry and floral (orchid) notes.

    This elegant gold-foil lined box contains 30 hand-tied muslin (undyed cotton) teabags/sachets of Marco Polo black tea. A variety of rare Chinese and Tibetan fruits and flowers are used to give this tea a highly sophisticated bouquet. The most renowned and popular Mariage Frères tea in the world! Delicious with or without milk & sugar, Marco Polo has a note of wild strawberry and pairs well with a variety of savory and sweet foods. A marvelous tea to serve when having afternoon tea! Pairs equally well with savory or sweet dishes. This box of Marco Polo tea sachets makes an elegant and thoughtful gift for those who enjoy the covenience of tea sachets! Ask us to gift wrap your box of sachets (it's free) and include a personalized message! China Black flavored Steeping Directions: Use one tea sachet per 6-8 oz. of 212° F water and steep between 3-5 minutes.